Wednesday, July 9, 2014

STORGE - Digital Family Tree - This weekend on South Bank!

This weekend, Codasign and I will be running a workshop at the South Bank Centre as part of the Festival of Love. I am busy building a large cardboard tree that will be decorated with electronic leaves which families can build together using conductive paint... and crayons. Let's light that thing up together!
Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 16:30. Come say hello and make a leaf.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anna and Crocodile

I am working silly hours to meet my deadlines... this is a sketch of Anna and Crocodile, the heroes of a new book I am working on. I had to cheat a bit and fix the original watercolour digitally to get it in on time, now it'll go away to be presented at a meeting to show people who these characters are. That sort of thing.

My niece is visiting from Germany. I just ordered her a pizza over the internet because I'm still at the studio well after dinner time... I hope she's having fun with the cats at home. I'll pack up and go see if there's a slice of pizza left for me now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blind Drawings

Here's a fun thing we did at the pub.
Close your eyes, then someone tells you what to draw: an animal that's doing one specific thing.
Here are mine:
Lion eating whale

Mammoth trying to eat watermelon

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hey hey Hey!

There is an all-new all-free comics magazine for children. You can grab it at .

It's stuffed with all sorts of amazingness, including an original strip by me called BEASTICLES about a cat and a tiger-dog who start an awesome band with a bad name.

Here's a preview, go download the magazine to read it all!


TREASURE MAZE is up and running at PAF

I'm in Den Bosch, NL, at the Playful Arts Festival. It's awesome.

Ellan Parry and I built a maze from 200m of cardboard and a mile of tape, and we are running it as a game area all weekend.



Monday, June 16, 2014


Hey! Guess what!
I am running Treasure Maze again, this time in Den Bosch, the Netherlands - not at all far away from Amsterdam. It will be part of the absolutely wonderful Playful Arts Festival. Tell everyone who can get to it, it will be the best thing ever! 19th to 22nd of this month - that's this week!!

My game will be built out of one hundred and fifty meters of cardboard. I think that's all I really need to say. Just take a moment to imagine that. - Yep, it's even better than that.

ELCAF 2014

The East London Comics and Art Festival was awesome this year. Alexis and I had a table, I sold a whole load of zines and prints - if you missed it, you can still pick them up in my shop
Photo by Sarah McIntyre - check her big writeup on her blog!
It's quite the annual event, people queued oven an hour to get in at times. I met many excellent friends old and new. It was great. Thank you all who joined the crowd.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

International Cats!

Good News Everyone!
My Cat books have been co-editioned in a few more countries... look at that! Even my native Germany, at last. My parents will be delighted.

Yep, this one is out soon....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Character Design

... new book coming up, and I am back in my favourite London Cafés, drawing.

brunch, and a drawing made with a filed down seashell

painted with horse hair and reeds

same, plus a feather boa brush harvested from the ballroom

mapping nib and horse hair brush

fountain pen and a brush made from my own hair (kept some when I had my fringe trimmed last).

Strong Pyjamas

Look at this lovely project @anslibrary tweeted...

based on "Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas", my first picture book from years ago.
So nice to see it's still being read and enjoyed!